Club Penguin Hacks

November 2, 2008

How to hack free items just after a party has ended

Use Penguin Storm (link in previous post)

Get the ID, (find it or use the ID page)

Enter the ID into the Buy Item section and it may still be available.

If it says you have been banned click “Patched ID breakout” you will not be banned.

Never enter the ID 355 (it gets you auto banned)

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How to hack Rockhopper, Gary and the Penguin Band Backrounds

How to hack Club Penguin Backrounds:

Download Penguin Storm by clicking here.

Make sure to extract the file called application so it works.

Log into Club Penguin and Click “Buy Item” on the bar at the top.

Click enter ID and enter:

959 for Rockhopper backround

996 for Penguin Band Backround

9007 for Gary backround.

Note: The penguins must actually be visiting Club Penguin Island for you to get the backround. Do not try this if Rockhopper has set sail/ penguin band left/ gary has gone.

You must be a member to get the backrounds except for the Rockhopper one.

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How to Find, Save and Upload Club Penguin Swf Files

How to Find Swf Files and get item ID numbers:

You must be using Firefox as your Internet Browser, go here┬áif you don’t have Firefox.

Once you have Firefox download an Ad blocking program here.

When it is installed go onto club penguin and click the ABP button in the right of your toolbar.

A “block-able items on this current page” list will appear, search through it for swfs (right click and select “Open in new Tab” to test what the swf is. Some swfs don’t show, ignore them.

When you find the swf for an item, look at the number in the link. That is the items ID number (which can be used for hacking the item with penguin storm)

How to Save swf files to your computer:

Make the swf file a click-able link by publishing it on a post or page.

Right click the clickable link and select “Save Target As…”

Some swfs can not be saved to your computer as they contain too much memory eg. club penguin’s load.swf.

Use a swf viewing program to view the files.

How to Upload Swf Files to the Internet:

Go to willhostforfood.comand click browse, find the swf on your computer (even if you can’t view them on your computer they will still appear when uploaded to the internet.

I would recommend creating an account so you can manage your swfs.

Post the links for others to enjoy, as the links will not get broken ever.

~ Brought to you by Club Penguin Cheats

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